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The Orchestra

Since 1933 when the Xavier Cugat Orchestra took the stage at the Starlight Roof of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City, this wall of sound has been a mainstay of Latin Music in America. Their style and arrangements are immedietely recognizable and loved by fans.

The Leader

Cugat’s greatest protégé was undoubtedly the young Cuban sensation who later went on to become an American household legend as Ricky Ricardo: Desi Arnaz! Bask in Greg Gomez's masterful portrayal of Desi Arnaz's intoxicating allure!

The Dancers

What would a dance band be without poeple dancing? The New Xavier Cugat follows Cugat's own tradition of having an exciting dance team, "Tango Romantico" perform every manner of Latin dances: the cha-cha, the mambo, the rumba and more. In addition, depending on the venue, we are sometimes able to invite people to dance at the front of the stage.

Welcome To The Excitement...

Welcome to the new BABALU-CY! website. Thank you for your time and interest in visiting the web site of one of the most exciting Latin bands in the music business today. Xavier Cugat originally created his famous orchestra in Los Angeles in the late 1920's, achieving worldwide status when they became the house band at the famed Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Cugat is recognized as having been instrumental in helping to introduce and popularize Latin music right from the beginning of his reign as one of the original Mambo Kings and the New Xavier Cugat Orchestra continues to keep this rich musical heritage alive for rhythm-hungry audiences.
The New Xavier Cugat Orchestra is led by the handsome, charming and innovative Greg Gomez. Like Cugat himself, Gomez is a dramatic showman and consummate professional churning out exciting beats from the original Cugat musical formula. The only exception is that Greg Gomez can sing!

With a striking resemblance to the American icon Desi Arnaz, Gomez uses this entertaining advantage to portray the charismatic Latin TV star who was once a member of the Cugat Orchestra.
The entertainment abounds with band members dressed in dazzling, colorful, Latin inspired costumes. This colorful array only enhances the senses, intensifying the exciting Cugat favorites they perform. Greg Gomez leads the orchestra as they play memorable and alluring tunes like Brazil, Peanut Vendor, Mambo #5, Besame Mucho, and many, many more. Along with a beautiful female vocalist joining Maestro Gomez, the dance duo “Tango Romantico” draws the eyes to their stylized  and graceful choreography.
Enjoy your visit to the New Xavier Cugat Orchestra website and consider bringing them to your town. Allow them to cha-cha their way into your audiences' hearts for what promises to be an exciting, vibrant evening.